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Here's a probably-much-too-early-for-Easter commission for LoupyLupine, who generously donated to my cat neutering fund. He wanted to burst out of an easter egg, so this is what immediately came to mind. (Some brand names have been changed to ward off lawsuits, but come on, we all know what I'm talking about here.)

By the way, I've become keenly aware after cooking for a hobby that the confections which seemed so magical as a child turn out to just be flavorings, fat, and/or a buttload of sugar. That cream they used to put in Twinkies? Sugar, butter, and shortening. Nerds? Sugar crystals glazed in food coloring. Pumpkin pie? Sure, there's pumpkin in there somewhere, but there's at least as much sugar, if not more. I don't know what culinary sleight of hand that chocolate company uses to make eggs with gooey yolks inside, but you can bet that it involves enough sugar to put a hummingbird into diabetic shock.

P.S. I tried a technique I first learned from oni-kun for the background, albeit with some changes. Hooray for beams of light!
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