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It's last year's biggest trend, one year too late!

I'm not making any resolutions this year, because they have a habit of coming back to bite me in the ass later. However, I'd like to make some changes from last year's status quo. The first is using my adult fursona, Clyde Clawmoore, more often. He doesn't get much time in the spotlight, and I have a feeling that he would be a better fit for some situations than Byron. I'm also going to tweak his design a bit, throwing out the jeans and replacing them with cargo pants, which I actually do wear from time to time. He's a bit thinner, and there's proof of that unfortunate pancreatitus incident from last year in the form of a couple of stomach bandages.

As for Byron, I'm plumping him up a bit to give him a more baby-ish look. I haven't decided what other changes I'll make to him, but he's a bit plain and could stand a couple of distinguishing features. (Nothing that will cover the diaper, natch.)

While I'm at it, I need to start working on human anatomy again... poses, gestures, general body form, and the like. The practice would not only make my characters more life-like, but more expressive as well, and that's always been hugely important to me.
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