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It's FriskyWoods! He's back! And he's in pog form!

Er, anyway. I just thought I'd share my latest picture with the world, since it has been a while. Yes, it's lynxes playing the Atari handheld of the same name. Actually, Lynn Carson (ooh, I'm so clever) is a caracal, which isn't so much a lynx as a close cousin of the serval. But hey, some people call them desert lynxes, so whatever!

Lynn's left hand is a little weird, I know. I need to fix that. And yeah, the girl on the other side is babystar, in case you're wondering. And yeah, Atari Lynxes needed to be linked together with a cable for multiplayer games. This was in the early 1990s, before the age of wireless.

While I'm blathering aimlessly, I just wanted to mention something else. After I hammer down ShadeKoopa's commission (WHEN?!), I'm going to think outside the diaper bin occasionally and draw ordinary situations featuring my characters. Now I realize these pictures don't have the audience that fetish drawings do, but it would be refreshing to see another side of these characters, rather than just their butts.

Anyway. This image will be shuttled to scraps once the inked and colored version is finished, as usual.
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