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I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be neat if someone made a foam-based diaper that you just spray on, and it dries into a form-fitting fabric that doesn't require tapes?" Then I realized that it would probably wreck hell on a baby's lungs, but hey, this is science-fiction! I can come up with whatever crazy ideas I want, regardless of whether or not they'd be practical in a real-life setting!

While I was thinking all that, I also pondered the commercial aspect of this fetish. So much of our characters' identities, and indeed, our own childhoods, has its roots in a disposable product. One minute, that diaper clamped onto Byron's butt is a part of who he is, and the next, it's festering at the bottom of a garbage can. It's kind of humbling when you stop and consider it. Or maybe I just need to take my meds.
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