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"Hey, I can breathe fire too! Watch!"
"Feh! That's kid's stuff. Watch this!"
"Wow, that's amazing!"
"Wasn't even trying..."

Lizard-Man from the Wonder Boy series leaves Spike from, uh, you know, with a case of acute flame envy in this commission for TailsCorra. I finally did it! Ha ha! Now I can feel slightly less guilty about taking so long to finish these commissions!

One thing I just want to mention before I sign off for the night. You ever play the arcade oldie Dig Dug? Of course you have. There are dragon-esque characters roaming in the subterranean tunnels called Fygars which spit a gorgeous plume of flame in the hopes of roasting the lead character. Seriously, pause the game when they let loose and admire each tiny curl on that blast of fire. It looked amazing in 1982, and it still looks great over thirty years later. (Gosh, I'm old.)
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