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Byron shows off his work (or maybe "his" work) to NicolaiBunny's velvet ant character, leaving her slightly bewildered, in this drawing by, well, NicolaiBunny. Not quite a commission and not quite a gift, this was more like a "thank you" for my giving the artist a little tech support when it was needed.

It's probably worth pointing out that Byron is 24 years old now, being first drawn in the distant year of 1992. Were he a real child permanently stuck in his terrible twos, he would have went through over 52,000 diapers over the past quarter decade. (I've done the math. Yes, I have entirely too much free time.)

I also feel the need to mention that Byron and Clyde are NOT the same character. They're different ages, different species, and have different markings. The fact that they're so regularly mistaken suggests that I'll need to take additional steps to differentiate them.
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