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The current rumor is that the upcoming Nintendo NX is going to be a handheld with a slot for an HDMI stick. You connect the stick to your television, and clamp clamp kabam, you've got yourself a home game system. It's supposed to be as powerful as the Xbox One (you know, the console released back in 2013 that lags slightly behind the PS4), but can use the processing power of other NX systems to make it more powerful. Which strikes me as inconvenient and pointless, but whatever.

If all this is true, I think Nintendo is making (another) mistake. If the NX is a handheld with haptic feedback (joysticks that put up resistance to simulate onscreen action) and roughly Xbox One-quality performance, it's gonna be a BIG handheld, probably not much smaller than the gamepad that was included with the Wii U. It's also gonna be expensive, which is one of the factors that doomed the Wii U to a long, dusty life on store shelves. It sounds like Nintendo wants to repeat many of their mistakes with the Wii U AND the mistakes that Sony made with the Vita, and I don't see how that works out to their benefit.
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