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In this case, the answer is "in a state of disuse." But you wanted her back, so here she is, cobwebs and all!

Don't mind me, I feel like utter slag today. I could bore you with self-pity and lamentations about the quality of my art, but I'll just clam up and let you enjoy this. You're coming here for SOME reason, after all.

I'm making some minor tweaks to this character, changing her hair color to a darker grey (bordering on black), squaring up the nose, and making the shirt look thicker and more "lived in." You ever watch a show like Scooby-Doo or Fat Albert where the characters are somewhat disheveled? I want to give my characters a little of that uniquely imperfect touch.

The hearts on the front of the diaper... may or may not be a thing. I need to do more to distinguish my characters; different diaper patterns might help.
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