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As a typical male teenager, Selever is an uptight, hyperactive, disrespectful individual who does what he likes, makes inappropriate jokes, and does not care about the consequences of his actions. From his various note poses and his overuse of profanity, he does not take things seriously. According to dokkiedoodlez, he is like a "fuckboy" that treats everyone like they're his sexual partner. He does, however, have a good side despite having extremely chaotic behavior around strangers. After spending in isolation in the void with his sister, Rasazy, he takes care of her sometimes and comforts her when she gets upset. As a brotherly figure, he knows that he should not act weak around his sister and must protect her at all costs. Rasazy needs hope, and someone needs to tell her that everything will be alright.




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Selever has a big crush on Krista. He likes to call her "Babe" "Kris" and "Sexy"

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