Woulfe the Wolf is feeling Silly
Artist Type: Cartoonist

Born & raised on the 4th planet orbiting the Sirius Star System by his Dad, His Uncles, His Grand Pa, His Great Gand Pa

Ended up on Earth due to rip / tare / warp / fold / hole in space-time he fell though by accedent

Related to Fenrir Ulf by way of his brother Funrir Ulf, part of the trio that also has Fangrir Ulf, who mantain a cosmic blance when they are together

Early on realized he wa different form others on his home planet, because he was so much larger then them, something he still knows now on Earth more so

Has the abilty to change his own size at will, it only works on himself, not others, and he can only make himself larger then his default 500 miles size

Even with his vastly huge size he is as gentle as can be, ad helpful to folks smaller then himself, also lets them play on him & sleep on him

Favourite Food


Taking up space

Growing bigger

Playing with friends

Showing off

Being silly

Protecting Earth


Extra Details

The full moon has random effects on him, part of his DNA must have a bit of werewolf in there somewhere in his genetic make-up

A super moon makes the effects on him more powerful then a average full moon

Effects : Non-anthro wolf, wolf taur, hyper muscles, hyper cock, combo of both hyper muscles & cock, hyper wolf taur, hyper non-anthro wolf


804672 Meters · 2640000 Feet, 1.01 Inches


346512000Kg · 54566284 Stone, 2.46 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Body Type

bigger then big


muscle bound

Extra Attributes

Can make himself grow larger & as far as he knows he has no limit to how big he can get

Tail is nearly as long as he is tall, and very fluffy makes it easy for him to curl around himself when sleeping

Becuse of his size he carries his one atmospher around his body, this helps when others climb up him to the top of his head

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A very playful planet-sized wolf... As gentle & kind as he is big... A demi-god of a wolf

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  • 33


  • Created: 20/03/2016 06:44
  • Updated: 20/03/2016 07:57


Open to role-playing

Rp preferences

Short through online sites like Twitter

Long through E-mail / PMs / IRC / Ect