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Start bid: 15$

Min. increment: 5$

AB : 45$
2AB : 55$ + With the view from the back.

The example is here


#1 Minstrel - closed
#2 Silver Nets - closed

#3 Oriental Velvet - OWNER ~KoronSu

#4 Lost Star -closed
#5 Lord of Deep - OWNER ~KoronSu
#6 Lonely Wind - OWNER ~KoronSu

PayPal $ payment only! 


This day begins after 1-st bidder appears.
You may bid only if you have money on PayPal. 

Read the following rules attentively, before you buy the adopt.

- You can’t make your own species based on my maned wolves for commercial selling purposes. Personal use only.

- You can re-draw it for yourself, use as PP/fictional character, submit to journals or roleplay forums, use the character design to your own characters everywhere strictly with credits to me as creator and link to my DA page. You can submit the character to your journal or gallery.

- You do not have rights to give this picture to someone as a gift and claim it as your own.

- You can re-sell the original picture for the prıce not higher than you have payed for it on DA and FA. If you did it please note me with the info about new owner.

Bullet; Blue How to credit me right? This way.



Auction Rules


- Bid in the comments.

- If you won, you have 24 hours for payment after you get my note. If you do not pay in 24 hour – you loose the lot automatically.

- If you not paying twice – you go to the blacklist.

- No money back after you bought the character.

-  I'll give you the unmarked transparent version upon purchase and bigger size.

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