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 ☆Mylo Mitchell Anderson (The Fun-Loving Lion)☆

★ Male | Lion | 23 | Gay | Single | Aries | Switch | Silly ★ 



Greetings everyone! FurryMylo here! I am a fun-loving lion that loves to have a good time with awesome furries. I am ultimately on here to make new friends and search out various talented artists to commission for the drawing of my fursona! Thank you for visiting my profile and I hope your day is filled with furry fun!!!! 




Character Claim

I am the owner, designer, and the original creator of Mylo Mitchell Anderson (The fun-loving Lion). Please do not use Mylo, or images of Mylo for role play or commission pieces without my permission. If you wish to share images of Mylo on different websites, pages, or blogs, please thoroughly credit the artists for the art work and me for the character. Also please do not draw NSFW peices of and/or involving Mylo without my permission. Thank you! 




Name: Mylo Mitchell Anderson 
Age: 23 
Height: 5'3" 
Weight: 150lbs
Gender: Male 
Body Type: Mesomorph Anthropomorphic
Species: Feline-Lion
Paw size: Medium 
Eye Color: Hazel 
Fur Color: Teal/Brown/Tan 
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Endowment: 6 inches (Uncut)
Natural Scent: Strong (A Smell Similar to Blueberries)
Role: Submissive/Switch

The Two Main Sides of Mylo: 

SFW Adolescent: This side of Mylo is shown more frequent (Cheerful, Silly, Animated).

NSFW Adult: This side is rarely seen (Sexy, Serious, Seductive).

PERSONALITY: Optimistic. Cheerful. Animated. Silly. Blunt. Humble. Friendly.

HOBBIES/IINTERESTS: Mylo is most definitely a performer! He’s to loves to act, sing, and dance especially if it’s for children, so Mylo is heavily involved in the performing arts. Mylo also likes to play video games, attend comic cons as well as furtastisc furry cons. Mylo also enjoys excerciseing, he makes sure he stays in tip top shape. 



LIKES: Friends, Family, Singing, Dancing, Acting, Performing, Learning, Friendly Furs, Talented and friendly artists, Theater, Cartoons, Anime, ASMR, Swimming, Naps, Exercising, Seafood, Dating, and Sex.

DISLIKES: Unfriendly artists and furs, being ignored, and arrogance.

BIRTH PLACE/ PLACE OF ORIGIN: Born to and raised by Claude and Melanie Anderson, members of the Lion tribe in the world of Chima.




Claude Jacob Anderson II (Mylo's Father)

Melanie Elaine Anderson (Mylo's Mother)

Claude Jacob Anderson III (Mylo's Eldest Brother)

Raaj Mendoza Anderson (Mylo's 2nd Eldest Brother)

Shaymin Laval Anderson (Mylo's 3rd Eldest Brother)

Naviren Heshaam Anderson (Mylo's Younger Brother)


 Kimbra Marionette Anderson(Mylo's Little Sister)





  As one of the chosen Lions of the Lion tribe of Chima, Mylo has been given the ability to channel unlimited amounts of chi, which is granted to only a rare select few in the lion tribe of Chima. Those that are chosen to possess this ability are marked by their mane changing color when they have become of age, and plug their first orb of chi. No one, not even the wisest Lions in the tribe know why the chi has chosen specific lions to attain this ability. Mylo almost never uses this power unless he absolutely has to, knowing he was given this power for a reason, he tries his best to be responsible with it, using it well and using it wisely, not just to benefit himself. Mylo understands that chi is a life force and is connected to all life, therefore, Mylo uses it to help others and make their lives easier, secretly of course.



EDUCATION: Mylo is currently studying theatre and micro-biology at Pawpatine Unifursity.



Louis Medville Lancaster the Skunk: 

Age 25, Louis "Loui" Lancaster is Mylo's bicurious best friend, who secretly has a huge crush on Mylo, but is too macho and bashful to admit it. He would do anything for Mylo, and although he’s not good at expressing how he feels, he vows to crush any fur that would try to hurt Mylo. He towers over Mylo at 6'3" tall, He has a toned stocky physique, a pink nose, and black and white fur. He is admired for his macho personality, big buttocks, and big feet. He secretly likes to cuddle up on the couch and binge watch My Little Pony.

Cylin Oliver Rodanthe the Raptor/Dingo Hybrid:

Age 24, Cylin is Mylo's bisexual best friend, who at times gets really annoyed by Mylo due to his sometimes unrealistic optimism. Cylin is an intelligent and sexy realist who looks at life just the way it is, with logic of course. Although Cylin tries to act like mature intellectual, he’s secretly just as fun and animated as Mylo. Mylo may annoy him sometimes, but will also allow no one to harm him. Cylin is 5'8" tall, has a slimmer swimmers build, he has both fur (yellowish orange) and scales (Dark Blue and Black), you can see more of the dingo in him than the raptor. He is admired for his cute bubble butt, big bushy tail, and his piercing crystal blue eyes. He secretly checks out Mylo's butt when Mylo bends down to pick up, get, or drops something. 

Samson Ace Crusade the Husky:

Age 23, Samson is openly gay just like Mylo. Samson is the calm, peaceful, silent, but deadly type. He enjoys drinking fancy tea, meditating, yoga, and even some kick boxing/marital arts from time to time. He and Mylo have had many sexual experiences together, but they both never bring it up, at least not around the others. They both definitely have a "thing" going on, but only time will tell what more will come of it. Oh if you're wondering Samson is a versatile top and Mylo is a versatile bottom. Samson is 5'11", he has a cuddly athletic build, his fur colors are Navy Blue, Orange, and White. He is admired for his patience, bushy tail, and the size of his "fur hood". Will go to from 0 to 100 really quick if anyone messes with Mylo. Wants to be Mylo’s big, strong fur, but just hasn't built up the courage to seriously date and court Mylo, or even just ask him out for that matter.

Zander Xion DragonWolf The Dragon/Wolf Hybrid: 

Mylo's straight friend who has recently become bicurious. Young and full of life Zander is one of Mylo's most loyal, faithful, and reliable friends, other than Samson. Zander at times can be so full energy that even Mylo gets tired out just from hanging out with him. He loves to take Mylo by surprise, scoop him up, and soar to the sky and show Mylo the world they live in from a different point of view. Zander is quirky, nerdy, handsome, intelligent, strong, polite, and even sometimes heroic. He will always be there when a furry pal needs him. Zander has Aspergers and ADHD, but that doesn't stop him from being the fantastic furry friend that he is to Mylo and many other furs. At the age of 18, Zander is very mature, and at times Mylo even learns somethings from him that teach him how to be an all-around better fur. Mylo cherishes his friendship with this young fur and would claw anyone to shreds if they would try to hurt him. Zander is 5'10, his fur color is royal purple and his scale colors are white (on chest, under-tail, and flaps of wings) and purple (legs and the bone parts of the wings). He is admired for his handsome chiseled looks, noble character, sexy silky scales, and his beautiful wings and tail.


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Mylo Mitchell Anderson

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Mylo Mitchell Anderson is a fun-Loving gentleman Lion that loves to have a good time with awesome...
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