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Artist Type: Improving Artist

Hello, and welcome to my page!
I’m an artist with many interests, which is continuously practicing my skills, and trying new styles.
I only may do request for friends at the time being, and I’m not open for commissions.
But that may change later on.

Basic Info:
State: Ohio
County: USA
Name: Fussy Puppy

I'm gay and taken


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Species: Angel fox
Artist Type: digital artist
Mood: accomplished
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Chelsea BunBun

Artist Type: improving artist
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Cloudy_Floof posted to FussyPuppy

13/07/2017 19:00

I really like your art! I love the cute side of the fandom.

FussyPuppy · 13/07/2017 22:20

Awww, thank you very much! Yeah, I try to keep my stuff more on the cutesy side of things. :)

Ryan Ark Nohr posted to FussyPuppy

30/05/2016 01:24

awww i liked your pics x3 you draw very cute ♥

FussyPuppy · 30/05/2016 03:38

Thank you very much for the comment, the faves, and the subscribe! Hopefully you'll like the content I produce in the future! 

JayKayBaby posted to FussyPuppy

25/05/2016 19:33

Thanks for the Sub! ♥

FussyPuppy · 25/05/2016 21:41

You're welcome! I adore your work! Do you know if Kay/Kayote has an account by chance? She says she does, if so I can't find it.

JayKayBaby · 25/05/2016 22:22

I know she was looking at branching out a week or so ago, but that's all I know. I'm sure she will announce any new accounts on FA and twitter, so keep a look out there. :)

FussyPuppy · 25/05/2016 22:25

Okay, and thank you! [emot=4]

JayKayBaby · 25/05/2016 22:46

You're welcome!

Ty Wolvington! posted to FussyPuppy

25/05/2016 00:22

Hi! Curious.....You're a ...Dog?....I've heard of them....Pretty tough....Wolf, myself....

FussyPuppy · 25/05/2016 02:37 · 1 Reply

A dawg indeed, and cool! ?

FussyPuppy · 25/05/2016 02:38

Thanks for subscribing! Very new here, and I'm already liking the layout of this place.

Ty Wolvington! · 25/05/2016 02:38 · 1 Reply

Ooohhh.....you got attitude.....My kind of woofer!....

FussyPuppy · 25/05/2016 02:42

I'm not giving any attitude. Just in case you didn't know, I have a mate. Feels like you're trying to be flirty. Lol

Ty Wolvington! · 25/05/2016 02:44

Me?...Flirty?.....Don't know what you mean...(Wink)

Sarah posted to FussyPuppy

24/05/2016 23:46

Thank you for the subscription! I love your icon, by the way. It's adorable. c:

FussyPuppy · 25/05/2016 01:53 · 1 Reply

Thank you! I like it too! I finally get to use it now that I'm on art sites my mate doesn't use. On FA we both have connecting ones.

FussyPuppy · 25/05/2016 01:54

The artist who made it is right here. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lilpupper

Sarah · 25/05/2016 02:01 · 3 Replies

Ooh! I love lilpupper's art. :D

FussyPuppy · 25/05/2016 02:17

As do I! Won a free icon, the one I'm using, from a coloring contest they held. [emot=4]

Sarah · 25/05/2016 02:18

That's awesome! :D

FussyPuppy · 25/05/2016 02:20

Yeah, I love it! ♥

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