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He had a bad life, he grew up with a mother that wasn't good to him and had many family issues. After a family member overdosed on, painkillers he was taken from his mom and put in a foster care home, after a long time there he went back to his mom's house and things only got worse. He had a girlfriend named Katie, He loved her very much, and had many friends one of his best being Peter. He was forced to move and leave his friends and girlfriend, which was a very hard thing for him to do. His mother sold everything he owned, this was the final straw, his mother hadn't treated him right so he didn't treat her nicely either. He began to start feeling sadder and sadder, he was depressed at around age 13. He had experimented with drugs before but now they were a way for him to cope, he had began doing drugs like weed and acid regularly and tried anything that made him feel, not like himself. He had meet Jareth online near his own birthday. He had became interested in this kid, he liked talking to him, and they quickly became friends, after awhile they became interested in each other in more than just friends. They became each other's world is the easiest way of putting it.


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He has none



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Male · Dog · Homosexual · Pisces
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He is based of my dog Missy, he wears collars cause that's a thing for him and his eyes are two d...
29/11/2016 22:30

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Is a big ol tough guy with a slight soft side


1.82 Meters · 5 Feet, 11.65 Inches


86Kg · 13 Stone, 7.59 Pound

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He is a fox that quite frankly looks like a wolf, his main coat is silver grey, and his iris's are grey, his neck floof is White. His fangs are always visible. He is sixteen years old. He is extremely blunt with the things he says and doesn't normally care if it hurts your feelings.

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