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I am a young artist trying to branch out, at the moment I'm ok at art but I wouldn't feel right charging people for it as it's not professional, not yet at least ;3. So at the moment I'm just seeing if this can help me practice and stuff, at the moment I normally sketch and draw pictures traditionally with pencil and paper, But I have access to a digital drawing tablet so I like to use that too when I can. 

At the moment I would love to attempt anything so if you have any ideas on a drawing or sketch I can make I can sure as well try it out and show you how it went :3. At the moment I do not have a "good" camera but I should soon so the pencil and paper pieces I make will be easier to see which is exciting :3.

I'm also I REALLY Positive person I enjoy so much to make others happy, its like the best. (Just thought I'd add something actually about me and not what I do.) 

If you want to contact me try facebook I'm always checking that cause I'm bored, it might be easier to talk to me there because I now how to use that I'm new to this website. My name is Jareth Thonen and the picture should be the same as it is here.


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Want your fur drawn?

I would just like some ideas for me to draw in my free time, I won't charge it's more for me to just practice, If you give me an idea I'll draw it :3. (It will be in penicl and on lined paper, sorry I'm poor XD)
03/12/2016 01:15


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Thumper the griffin

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Nicknames Jay, Jare Bear, Bud
He is based of my dog Missy, he wears collars cause that's a thing for him and his eyes are two d...
29/11/2016 22:30


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