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Distract me ???

Published: 05/08/2015 07:14

Hey guys I'm looking for something or someone to draw. 

I can't guarantee that it'll be colored, a sketch, or a full on drawing!

It can be anything.

Send me your refs and you get free art ♥

Knightonworks · 05/08/2015 15:37

Sure,   sounds like it could be fun hehe,   and what I've seen of your work you've got skill.   So why not,   if you could please try Dukal?

Surelia · 06/08/2015 00:18

If you want you can try any of my characters ;3 and awesome if you do!!!

Jules · 06/08/2015 03:54

(Didn't realize that hitting enter would submit the comment. XD Oops.) Thanks for the chance!

Artamist · 30/11/2016 06:09

I would like to help

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