Gaden_Protogen the Protogen is feeling Bouncy
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I am an artist that is open for commissions however I do not make fursuits.  However even though I just started I will be starting to make fursuits but that Is later on.  Commissions are free however I will have a limit to what I can make per month.  For now i am open to do 4.  DONT PESTER ME OR ASK ME WHEN IT IS GOING TO BE DONE<be patient>.

I am: a above average artist so don't ask me to draw something really insane

Also I am a freelance artist and Will post my own art as well.

Well that raps it up feel free to contact me for anything

youtube: Shadowed_Ghost

Discord: BlackShadow389



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29/06/2020 21:07


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Heavens Wings posted to Gaden_Protogen

3 months ago

did you draw your Profile Pic?.

it's adorable. I'm planing on drawing mine. When i like the look of my Protogen.