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Studio Involved in Movie Production from 8 countries (Argentina, India, Spain, Serbia, Hongkong, Venezuela, UK, USA)
Production Studio - Orico Films & Vill Del Cine
Director / Editing - Assembling - Pampa Films
3D Character Development Studio - GameYan Studio - (Brand of YantramStudio)
Supervising Studio - It's Aliveee
Mocap Animation : Centroid

GameYan Studio Intro:
GameYan is movie and game art outsourcing studio in India provide 2d and 3d model, texture, shading, rig and animation for all games for mobile, PS, Xbox, Desktop, video, PSVR, Facebook and feature movie film animation, cartoon series, TV commercial.

Go to our art outsourcing studio webite: www.gameyan.com

Bun Fluffpaws · 19/06/2017 10:34

Looks cool, how long did that take to put together?



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