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Hmph.... I'm nothing but the laughing stock of the century... The only of my kind that can't swim... Some dumb creature I am.. I just want to escape this world to a place where I'm not judged. But how and where do I go ?.... 

I've spent many days laying on the beach while I watched the others enjoy themselves in tormenting me. But the sad thing was I couldn't escape it... We lived on an island out the middle of nowhere... The only joy I ever had was when the nights would hit and everyone was asleep. Then could I enjoy the quiet and look up at the stars and try to wish for a better night. But this night was different as I looked up into the sky to only see no stars were out. I tilted my head and looked all around up at the sky wondering why they were gone. The whole sky looked dark and empty and the night grew colder than it ever was. I burrowed my head into my fluff and cocked my ears back "where are you my friends" but the sky only answered back with a loud clap as a jolt of lightning hit the ocean. I widened my eyes and let out a call, we've never seen that before. Another clap of thunder rang into my ears followed by more lightning. I shivered scared to death as the wind started to pic up and water fell from the sky. I called out for the others but no one called back ... They all had vanished during the first clap... I shrieked as the rain fell harder quickly making the ground beneath my feet disappear. The furious wind struck into me and knocked me of my feet while the rain poured down and started to wash me off and destroy the island. I flailed around in the water terrified as lightning struck all around me. I struggled to stay above water but found myself sinking only to soon black out and float away.




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has greasy hair tentacles one single horn that holds his power squishy paws with sharp claws long...
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shadowfoxnjp · 23/05/2016 22:43

That butt though!

Ghostie · 23/05/2016 22:55

Sexy booty, I know  

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