Ghostie the Eken is feeling Devious
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Sup Im Scurvy aka the bootyqueen or ghostie. Im an eken which is pretty much one of a kind. Im a lover of art and stories. And i also fursuit as part of the furthewin family. Im quite friendly and love to meet new people so dont hesitate to chat !  But please dont send me anything dirty ♥

Cons im planning to attend soon:

Annicon 2017 (Anniston, Alabama)

Magic city con 2017 (Birmingham,Alabama)

Hamacon 2017 (Huntsville,Alabama)

Yamacon 2017 (Pigeon Forge,Tennessee)


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Pwyw adopts!!!

Pay what you want adopts !!!! LOW PRICES ACCEPTED !!!
10 months ago

Please help my friend out!!!

please help us get our friend out of an abusive situation!!!! all info is here:
23/10/2016 18:55


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Female · Sauron ·
Role-playing No
Nicknames Tori
20/09/2016 13:32


Male · Crown lumin ·
Role-playing No
Co-owned between me and Silvah-rush on da ...
05/08/2016 14:12


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Species: Monster
Artist Type: anthro artist
Mood: Crabby
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Species: fennec fox
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Tundra posted to Ghostie

11/07/2016 18:52

Ypur welcome. I also subbed you btw

Ravyn posted to Ghostie

22/06/2016 12:00

more then welcome, i hope you enjoy her

JBCblank posted to Ghostie

08/06/2016 17:38

❥ Thank you for Subscribing. ♫

Ghostie · 15/06/2016 23:25

Np gal ♥ 

JBCblank · 16/06/2016 00:12


shadowfoxnjp posted to Ghostie

23/05/2016 20:42

*bounces around leaving muddy paw prints everywhere*

Ghostie · 23/05/2016 22:54 · 1 Reply

*stares at the mud with scary looking eyes*  

shadowfoxnjp · 24/05/2016 11:58

* Wiggles her tail smiling* where's those awesome paw icons, did you upload them yet?

Ghostie · 24/05/2016 12:02

I uploaded ghosties ♥ gotta do perseus after i eat still slowly finishing up my profile :3 

shadowfoxnjp · 24/05/2016 12:16

Yeah I hopefully uploaded everything o.o but still need to go through and do the character profiles and such.

Ghostie · 24/05/2016 12:19

haha yeah :3 i gotta find some stuff for my chari profiles XD cause i dont remember where i put stuff 

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