Ghostie the Eken is feeling Devious
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Pwyw adopts!!!

Pay what you want adopts !!!! LOW PRICES ACCEPTED !!!
25/01/2017 11:19

Please help my friend out!!!

please help us get our friend out of an abusive situation!!!! all info is here:
23/10/2016 18:55

Mohans Theme Song

A theme song i wrote up for Mohan Title: War cry
12/07/2016 19:16

Working on Mahon

Story wooh
11/07/2016 10:59

Hamacon Roll call

Anyone going to Hamacon this weekend in alabama ? ill prob be there either saturday or sunday.
16/06/2016 10:42

Love !!! (MUST READ)

Gods im already loving this site. I love how easy its been to use and i love that it notifies me on things. And OMG the people on here have been so nice! i just want to hug you all!
26/05/2016 13:37

Disgrace (poem)

Just rub it in my face and save me the disgrace. You make me wanna cry and bury myself deep inside. So {http://inside.So} save me from this pain or leave me in shame You ruined my hopes and dreams and ripped apart my seams
25/05/2016 15:52


this was an old poem i did for someone
25/05/2016 15:51


these were a bunch of random writings i had to do for some people a while back. Mysterious eyes that haunt the night Yet they leave no fright.Beautiful dreads and rainbowed dreams Chill the hippie from wild schemes. Her beauty leaves but a wide trail While her voice sends me chills Her name ma...
25/05/2016 15:47

backstabbers (poem)

This is in no way directed at anyone ♥ i just love to write stories and poems alot
25/05/2016 15:40
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The Noise ( short story)

This is a short story about my Character Ghostie the ghost Dachshund
25/05/2016 11:33
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Well eyo

Eyo there !!!! haha so i just started on this lovely site and i think im making my stay so expect a lot of suit pics soon ♥
23/05/2016 16:08