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The Noise ( short story)

Published: 25/05/2016 11:33


This is a short story about my Character Ghostie the ghost Dachshund

The Noise
On one stormy night Raevyn and her cute pup Ghostie were fast asleep.But as the storms grew and whipped out lightning and thunder, Ghostie found himself jumping awake. He whimpered and curled up next to his owner as the wind howled and the trees scratched up against the house. Ghostie looked out at the window and jumped again as the lightning and thunder gave a loud crack. He perked his ears back as he started to hear an odd noise comingfrom outside the room that sound like moaning. He nudged Raevyn only to find that she was fast asleep. He let out a gulp and pushed him self up and muttered out a small bark. The noise kept contiuing growing louder. He jumped down off the bed and headed out of the room and looked around. The lightning from outside lit up the whole hallway and etched out creepy shadows on the wall. He tucked his tail under and slowly followed the moaning noise as he venturedtowards the parents bedroom. He peeked inside and gave a small yap only to see both fast asleep and peaceful. The noise made a loud moan and then started to crack causing Ghostie to yelp. He shivered and slowly sinked down through the floor and landed in the living room. His ghostly body glowing, lighting up the whole room.He looked around at all the creepy shadows and backed up into a chair. A loud hiss rang out into the room as he had awoken the cat and gave it quite a startle.He flinched and dashed off into the kitchen only to run head first into the fridge. The lightning cracked again and lit up the room. He whimpered and curled up as he rubbed his head. The moaning noise echoed around in the kitchen. He pulled himself back up onto all fours and looked around. His ears perked up and he jumped up into chair to get a better look. His ghostly eyes started to glow as he looked around but he stillcouldn't find the noise. He jumped up onto the table and sniffed around. The noise kept getting louder, the table shook and made him stumble off and land hard on an odd object. It shook his wholebody and made him feel like he was moving out of the kitchen. He made a loud yelp and flailed around. Lights flickered on and he heard a giggle as he looked over to see his owner standing in her pjs. "I guess mom and dad forgot to turn off the vacuum again." She walked over and picked Ghostie up and turned off the little moving machine. Ghostie growled at it then wagged his tail as he grew relieved when the noise vanished. She gave a small giggle and carried him back to her room and got in bed with him. He curled up next to her and started to doze off. His ears soon perched up as a new noise came about at the door. He opened his eyes alittle and huffed then curled up mored into his owners pillow andclosed his eyes.
The end~



Lucid_fox · 25/05/2016 15:06

cute story [emot=4]

Ghostie · 25/05/2016 15:37 · 1 Reply

Thanks so much ! ♥ 

Lucid_fox · 25/05/2016 16:06

Anytime [emot=4] keep up the good work [emot=22]

Tea · 25/05/2016 17:05

Awwww! That was adorable! ;w; 

Ghostie · 25/05/2016 17:34

Thanks so much !!! im so glad you guys enjoyed it ♥ 

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