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Published: 25/05/2016 15:47


these were a bunch of random writings i had to do for some people a while back.

Mysterious eyes that haunt the night Yet they leave no fright.Beautiful dreads and rainbowed dreams Chill the hippie from wild schemes. Her beauty leaves but a wide trail While her voice sends me chills Her name may be Prima But she's always on my mind

The circus, full of thrills, bearded ladies with stowaway freaks, crazy clowns with scary face paint. It all sounded like a dream come true and a wish that's so far away. A freak I was clothed in awful looks, always hearing the shrill of terror and fright. I longed for applause the sound of the ringmaster calling my name and the feeling of pure joy when I'm decked in my paint. But who would love a monster a rodent of the world. Would this world ever accept me for a freak or will I drown in the words of the corrupt society.

That's led a psychotic man run for his life Unpredictable and full of fright Yet harmful in the darkest of night Beady eyes and purple stripes Daring scars that gleam from afar Yet he always has a smile grinning from ear to ear

Spooky nights and batty sights Trick or treats and haunted streets A playful pooch comes to brace the world With colors that fill the spirits of a frightening Halloween A sneaky grin bracing his chest but be careful it may bite.

A magical thrill yet to be heldRoughness and fairy tailed dreams Blue haired beauties and a smiling cutieShe's every pop stars mystery And every cloudy days fright She explores the world while she seeks delight So behold the bright dreamer and let her take in the nightDon't let this guy ruin your site for just like you he's ready for a fright



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