Giovanni Magnus the Lycanthrope
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The Prodigy of Dominion and Fate, Giovanni Magnus was born on a world where gods and magic were part of everyday life, and the scars of their warring where ever present. As he came into the world, a meteor impacted not far away, detailing how the lycanthrope cub would become a prodigy for an ancient god, one who had once ruled a mighty empire, but was felled by his most loyal general, in a heated moment that sparked a centuries long war for dominance of the crumbling empire. Raised by a loving family, tutored under the wisest of masters, trained by his battle hardened great grandfather, but never far from the shadow of an old enemy of his people, his fate was never something he had control over, until disaster befell his life and he took matters into his own hands.

With the ability to absorb the fear of others and turn it to tremendous power, Giovanni was a lycanthrope brimming with potential, and others sought to utilise it. The advocates of the Empty Lord sought to train him as instructed by their lost god, those of balance sought to suppress his talents and force an ordinary life upon him, and patrons of a darker force wished to turn his power to their own twisted ends. In the end, Giovanni fled, hoping to utilise his power to such an extent it would end him...

Only the explosion he tried to use to send him hurtling 200 years into the past, far from his home world, and onto the warring plane of Animus. Siding with the Insurrection during the Shadowlands War, he fought against the hubris of the Vampirium wanting to seize the world for themselves, tamed the power vacuum of Infernus caused by the absence of the Daemon Lords, restored the Heavens to peace by stopping the crusades of the Zealots, and finally restored a dying and broken world to life.

Since that day, he has chosen to stand aside, watching the world from afar, not interfering, as he decreed that himself, and other powerful individuals would do. Appearing either to help in the most dire of situations, or simply because he cannot help himself, his exploits are the stuff of legend, where many doubt his existence, or simply find them too fantastic to believe. He still takes part in the regular Ritual of Animus, though many doubt the one they see in the Ritual that is publicised to be the same from all those decades ago who fought with gods and daemons.


Favourite Color


When not simply guarding the world, Giovanni goes incognito and works within forensic science.


1.8 Meters · 5 Feet, 10.86 Inches


90Kg · 14 Stone, 2.41 Pound

Body Colors

Body Type

anthropomorphic bipedal



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Magic, possession, vore.