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ideon Klaus was born in a rather run down area of the Steampunk Citadel and was the only child of Atticus and Maria Klaus. Gideon's father was an abusive man, who never spared the rod of his son and was a religious fanatic to boot. Due to his obscene fear of science, Atticus never allowed Gideon's mother, Maria, to see a doctor to treat her illnesses and she suffered from curable diseases on a frequent basis, resulting in Gideon taking up the mantle of science in order to help her without his father knowing.

When a letter from a local academy arrived congratulating Gideon for his performance in a science exam and offering him a scholarship, Gideon's father was thrown into a drunken rage and attacked the young Gideon, only for him to fight back, resulting in the father collapsing on the ground unconscious by the fireplace and the bottle of whisky in his hand to scatter across the home and catch alight. Gideon escaped the inferno, but had to leave his family behind, but took lodgings at the college he was studying at.

He originally studied biology and physics and fast became a prodigy within those areas, until a solicitor arrived, revealing that Gideon's father had vast investments which he hoarded away. Gideon sought to claim the inheritance, but the will stipulated that he would only be eligible if he "renounced" science. Infuriated, but cunning, Gideon then decided to take on psychology and philosophy, so as to be able to reap the benefits of the will as well as understand how religion impacted on the living mind.

He later was part of the Ritual Cult XIII, where he was tasked with climbing Mt. Gabriel, a place where it was claimed one could find God. Gideon, at this time, was an atheist, given his upbringing at the mercy of a supposed "man of God". The drone sent to follow Gideon began failing on this ill-fated voyage, but Gideon reached the top, long after the equipment ran out of power. It is unknown as to what he found there, but he was changed forever. All that his allies knew was that he became cold and distant, which was evidenced during the infamous Ritual Massacre, where he abandoned his comapnions in need of medical attention, to continue slaughtering the vampires which attacked the weakened cult.

Following the events of the Ritual Cult XIII, he began to pursue a new kind of ideology. He came to interpret a passage within the Old Testament to mean something to fit his interests; God created Man in His image. Gideon then decided that this was not to mean that people would look like God, but rather existed to emulate Him; that godhood was not a limitation, but an objective. He then focussed his interests into questionable sciences to understand the "Powers of a God", including changing worlds and creating life, much to the dismay of ethical communities within the scientific world.

These days, Gideon works as a business entrepreneur and frequently delves into the questionable sciences and has clashed a number of times with Giovanni Magnus and other do-gooders, but usually evades captures, either by leaving them with a challenging moral conundrum to make his escape or through a team of crack lawyers merely reading his rights as a member of the "Church of Gideon".

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Gideon's occupations are numerous, delving into science, business, and literature. His illegitimate sons run businesses within publishing, both journalism and entertainment, so he has a hand in those.


1.85 Meters · 6 Feet, 0.83 Inches


85Kg · 13 Stone, 5.39 Pound

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anthropomorphic bipedal


lean, athletic

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