Giovanni Magnus the Lycanthrope
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My name is Giovanni Magnus, or Giovanni Dorian Wulfric Clive Magnus III, if you want the long form. I have tried my hand at a number of art types, doing a bit of writing, traditional art, and digital art.

What can I tell you about my character? Well, I'm a lycanthrope (specifically canis lupus sapiens sentistes), born from a long lineage going back some thousand years, living off world from the place of my birth (bit of a complicated set up involving gods, devils, and time paradoxes). I have the unique ability of "phobic transduction". In other words, I turn the psychic energy produced from the fear of others and convert into other forms, such as strength, speed, agility, shielding, healing and energy projection. I've lived off world, but made a home for myself on a different world, serving as a protector, just in case stuff gets real bad. I have other characters as well, varying from the righteous to the malevolent, the inspired to the insidious, and the generally weird (*cough* Diavol *cough*)

Anyway, I am partial to video games, graphic novels, science fiction, and fantasy, and love drawing characters in comic book styles. I love sketching characters in action poses, but also like telling stories, and world building. I'm open for commissions, and enjoy drawing animal characters, usually finding them easier to draw than people (something about human faces throws me off). Message me, PM me, give me a poke if you are interested in a commission!


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A New Year's Message to my fans!

Hello and Happy New Year to all my watchers, followers, and fans. I have had a bit of a rest after a very busy few months over Christmas, and hope you all similarly are feeling well-refreshed for the New Year. For my fans on deviant Art, I’d like to thank you for sticking with me after what must...
03/01/2018 12:19

Iron Artist Challenge!

Set the date! Friday September 8th 2017, I am starting the Iron Artist Challenge, to raise money for conventions next year. That's 100 pictures within 100 days! But to do this, I'm going to need commissions. LOTS of them! Flat images, ideal for ref sheets, start from £8 each. Shaded and Textured...
03/09/2017 14:49


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It's Dennis the koala! He eats, sleeps, wears nerdy shirts, and does it all over again the next d...
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Gideon Klaus

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Nicknames Gideon, Dr Klaus, Deposer of Divinity
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