At first, the challenge was accepted by a small number of individuals, following a set of obscure clues set out. The process was inefficient, the numbers of the secret cult dwindled and many claiming to be part of it ended up dying needlessly. The members of this new cult planned to make it a public affair, but keep the real purpose for it a secret, so that champions from all places of the island could compete, the keep the Ritual going.

Every few years, Fur Affinity holds the Ritual Cult. Furries from every sector audition to become part of this intense game, the most powerful and the most intelligent pitting themselves against others. Two entrants, a male and a female, are chosen out of the many entrants of their sector to have the honour of being a Cultist. Over the weeks before the gathering at the Ritual Site, they each prove themselves to be the best, forge alliances with their teams and compete in campaigns to prepare for the grim battle that awaits at the Ritual Site, where at least one will perish, whilst trying to win over the support of sponsors to assist them and their teams in hours of dire need. Fighting against natural obstacles, the armies of Troll face and enemy Cultists, each champion will be tested to the limit.

The Ritual is a popular pass-time and is considered a major sporting event, like the Olympics. Aside from its real purpose, the Ritual serves as a massive boost towards the Fur Affinity economy and a great number of furries make a living out of it.
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Introducing a new kind of Roleplay for Fur Affinity - the Fur Affinity Islands!

This is a description of one of the most important events taking place.
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