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Zelnyair is perhaps one of the most easy going furs around. He jokes around, laughs, has fun and enjoys a good time.

My quarterstaff is a combination of the core of fear and a Zarosian commandment crystal. Together, it has the irrational obsession with getting a job done, the compulsion to duty given form.

Now put the two together and what do you get? You get a corrupted leopard who suddenly now has my powers! How did the two come to meet? Zelnyair you see, just like any kitty cat, even a non-domestic one, loves a new toy. He's seen me use my staff dozens of times and has never really had a chance to play with it. However, someone let him borrow my staff without my permission and now it proceeds to corrupt him, to slowly turn him into someone like me. The hard part is trying to get him to let go.

Next time, I need to lock that staff up; it twists your melon, messes with your mind and makes your orbs fizz.

Collab by dralygonyx  dralygonyx (who made the pose) and neko-maya  neko-maya (who did the lines, the colours and the staff).

Zelnyair belongs to zelnyair  zelnyair, who is my lovely mate.
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