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Part 2 of 2 of the art drawn for Eurofurence 21 -The Greenhouse World

In order to uncover the strange world I had encountered, I sent my draugr far and wide to uncover remnants of mankind and better understand just what happened hundreds of years ago to warrant them abandoning the planet. I never took Diavol for an archaeologist, but he was, by far, the most intelligent of all my draugr due to his unique means of acquiring knowledge. He travelled to the distant continent and found a large burial site there. Within it, he analysed the skeletons of two very differentiated beings, but carbon dating proved one was only a few years out from the other, despite the incredible genetic and physiological variation - but evidence enough that the humanity had been the progenitor of the animal people. He felt it fitting to play around with some of the useful junk he'd been collected and then uncovered the answer to what he considered the greatest mystery of all - the way one should wear a set of headphones (they've not been manufactured for our ears, so it led to him trying out various ways of equipping them - to this day, I have yet to find a sillier and yet confusing sight than him trying to wear them on his backside and then claiming he could hear them better that way).

Character belongs to me.
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