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My first big project of the year, just to show I still have it - a revision of one of my earlier works, this time featuring all the draugr, including newcomer Înger the Resentful.

Whenever a warrior within my employ falls and is too indispensable or owes me a tremendous debt, I resurrect them as draugr. In this form, they are immensely strong, can manipulate their world around then and will do my will till I set them free.

All characters belong to me, from left to right;
Vulpe the Damned
Liliac the Forsaken
Balaur the Feral
Thylax the Wrath
Giovanni Magnus
Râs the Wicked
Diavol the Scorned
Înger the Resentful

EDIT: If your name is on the grave, I apologise - it just so happens you share a name with one of the draugr.
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