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Oulam Quay was a smoke devil, hailing from a prominent family, at least, amongst the lower classes. His family were under the ownership of a Daemon Lord from the underground regions bordering between the Grand Deserts and the Acrid Inferno, and worked as servants within the household. Oulam was considered the Daemon Lord's greatest asset, namely due to how Smoke Devils can share intelligence, meaning he'd effectively learned of many of the great family secrets from the many daughters of the Daemon Lord he had relationships with, thus preventing him from simply being let go or killed for knowing too much. However, the Daemon Lord offered him to the Insurrection during the times of the Shadowlands War, in the hopes it would not only appease the offer the Chthonians wished to supply, but also Oulam away from the Daemon Lord's sons and daughters. There, he developed a strong friendship with Giovanni, who helped Oulam take advantage of his natural agility and cunning. In an act of great sacrifice, Oulam was killed protecting Giovanni from a vat of boiling acid, which killed Oulam in the most painful way possible...

Or it would have, had the pact between Giovanni and Oulam not been sealed. After the acid had cooled, the daemon, half in flesh and half in bone got back onto his feet and within a few weeks, his flesh had woven itself back into place, unlike the other draugr, who retained their lethal wounds. Out of all the draugr, the resurrection spell effected him the least, thus retaining his personality, intellect and large portion of his free will. Since daemons don't have an afterlife, being creatures of Inferno, Oulam saw this as a bonus and stayed on to aid the Insurrection in the Shadowlands War and beyond as Diavol the Scorned.

Character belongs to me.
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