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Suzanne Hennimore was born deaf and crippled during the Shadowlands War, leading her to suffer prominently during childhood. Magic helped aid her somewhat to repair her damaged senses and physiology, but her time spent with other crippled beings made her feel an obligation to help those who were suffering with problems, thus creating her famous drones, which could help others with problems such a mutism, blindness, and epilepsy. Suzanne's medical knowledge and skills as a medic resulted in her joining the Insurrection, alongside Giovanni, after seeing vampires harvest a whole group of slaves from a village in the Eternal Forest, not far from hers. Giovanni helped her operate on other beings, such as Paradise and Infernal beings, but her compassion was eventually her undoing, when she was curing daemons in No-Man's-Land during a ceasefire, when one approached her from behind and snapped her neck.

The next thing Suzanne knew was how much agony she was in, as her ear laid in the mud, but she could suddenly see sounds and could hear her drones coming in to help her, helping to replace the broken bones in her neck and help her recover, as well as tracking the soldiers who left her for dead and finishing them off. It seems that Giovanni had her drones fitted with one usage of the necromancy spell he'd previous used on others. Though she denies it, rumour circulated around both sides that should you ever abandon your allies, her drones would come after the cowards and exact the revenge of those that were left behind - the drones of Liliac the Forsaken.
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