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With but a few days away from his retirement as a lumberjack in the Mountains, Tristram Browne was set to retire, and spend time with his family, who were expecting his first grandchild. However, it seems the Angelic Forces didn't get the memo, and the logging company he was working with was assaulted by a platoon of zealots - angels with puritan issues, and a loose hand on their leashes. Thanks to his remarkable aim, Tristram was able to ensure no one in his company were badly injured by the angelic abominations, who had it in their head that these random lumberjacks had blasphemed and deserved to die. Feeling the need to use his skills elsewhere, Tristram signed up as a mercenary alongside Giovanni, during the Heavenly Trials conflicts, that sought to repel the angelic forces, who began trying to fight over Animus, in addition to the Infernal beings and vampires already waging war in the Shadowlands. Despite his immense skill, Tristram was reckless, and gradually came to endanger his colleagues in the field of battle, whilst he went after the Zealous Angels.

When word emerged that his new granddaughter had been kidnapped, he was willing to go all out against the soon-to-dead sons of bitches who dared to come after his loved ones. The night before the planned assault, he left ahead of schedule, stealing a large amount of equipment, including to motorised shakram that Giovanni had made for him. Upon discovering that Tristram had left, Giovanni checked his bunker, only to find out that Tristram had been collecting the judicial golden masks of the Zealots. Not only is it heresy for them to be removed, but the masks are slightly telepathic, allowing their users to find individuals who fall for their vices and feed information about them to other Zealots - in his greed for the gold, Tristram had given away details of the whole raid.

Only when it was too late did Tristram realise he had condemned himself, but thankfully the raid still managed to drive back most of the Zealots, however the grandfather never got to see his granddaughter with his own eyes. As penance, the Zealots forced Tristram to wander in purgatory, until his resurrection restored the soul, only to be damned into repaying his debt to his fellow soldiers as Vulpe. One day, he may be forgiven, and may come to see his granddaughter again, with his one, perfectly precise eye.
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