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Gideon is a scientist. As such, there is a specific obligation on his part to partake in experiments. To not do so would be a waste of his expertise. However, the experiments he undertakes are not simply the administrations of chemicals to create altogether new medicinal concoctions, or the analysis of cellular cultures within controlled conditions. His expand far beyond something so mundane.

For you see, Gideon's experiments aren't the kind his peers merely either fear or envy. His practises are more fundamental than that. His ambitions are to conceive the very ideas of the formation of the universe, of life, and of matter. Theory isn't far enough, one must be prepared to tamper with the very essence of creation itself to achieve the desired results.

In Gideon's world, myths and legends prevail of the creators, Elders if you will, who constructed the universe, and over the course of its life, will be nourished by the energy the simplest life forms make - anima. It is an energy source that builds, orders, and creates. But to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction; where there is energy that orders, there must be one that stimulates entropy, chaos, and disorder.

Why would someone seek such powers, if its only function is to destroy? That is purely a misconception. What is destruction, if not change of alignment, of structure. In theory, one could administer this counter anima, no catastrophic anima, to an inert environment, to trigger alteration and activity. A dead or lifeless environment is ordered, nothing is moving, it is stable. To a lifeless environment, life is entropic.

That is what Gideon seeks - an energy that can disrupt a system, but administered correctly can breathe life into worlds long dead. That is why he constructed the catastrophic core, a crucible of the callous catalyst, calculated coldly to create catastrophe as is cultivated by his cunning. In the palm of his hand is that power - the power of the creators themselves. Why would one site on their laurels, and spend all their days on such insignificant tasks as patenting a more durable car wax, when such capabilities can literally be placed in your grasp.

Like Gideon, I have a passion to experiment, and this is precisely what I did. I deviated from is design a little, and adorned him with a new coat I saw online. it worked. I attempted to render the catastrophic core, improvising where my software could not meet the original specifications. I surpassed myself. I tinkered with various lighting techniques to build a dynamic environment and realistic characters. I achieved that goal.

I would say that the experiment was a success. For both of us.
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