Artist Type: Anthro Artist

Glare (Salty or Feline is fine too) | Female | United States | ♋ | Hobbyist illustrator and plushie artist since 2011 | Hobbyist fursuit maker since 2013 | Active in the Furry Fandom since 2016

Besides art, I love: video games, dank memes, and music. My favorite games are: Septerra Core, Borderlands series, Deus Ex series, Pokemon. My aesthetics are: Fall, Halloween, Cyberpunk, and Steampunk!

I don't bite, feel free to message me if you want to chat!

Notice: You may not re-post, alter, trace, sell, or create bases from my art without my permission. You may not claim my artwork as your own. If you do use my work without permission, I will take action to have it removed.

Requests: Closed

Art Trades: Ask me

Collabs: Ask me

Commissions: Closed, but may open if people express interest


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Gallery Update

Trying to get my gallery up-to-date starting from 2017. Sorry for the upload spam!
26/03/2018 04:32


I just came back to this and holy shit, I've really neglected this account. Lemme get this updated.
11/01/2016 01:42


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Species: demon
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Species: saber-toothed-cat
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Krin posted to GlaringFeline

21/07/2016 16:31

Thank you for the favorite! ^^

GlaringFeline · 28/07/2016 18:31

Sorry for the late reply! You're welcome! ^^

Niels posted to GlaringFeline

14/06/2016 18:03

Thanks for the fave! 

GlaringFeline · 20/06/2016 03:04

You're welcome! ^^

GlaringFeline posted

04/02/2016 21:24

Hey! I already moved all my 2015 artwork files to my external hard drive and it would take forever to get them all up here, so I'm uploading starting from 2016.

Cartel the Creature posted to GlaringFeline

28/10/2015 02:31

Thank you so much for the favorite!  You have a wonderful day ♥

GlaringFeline · 28/10/2015 18:52

You're welcome! ^^ You too!