Glas Fuchs the Fox is feeling Good
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Hi Everybody~!

I'm Glas_fuchs, just call me Glas or Fuchs.

So~ I'm female, my location is Germany, am 28 years old, birthday is August 16th and am a Pet owner.

My Pets are my dog Danny♂(since 2010) and my 3 Bunnies Saito♀(since 2009), Netto♀(since 2009) and Calico♀(since 2014)

I'm a lazy ass, like listening to music, watching movies, going out, drawing, reading, ....

I wanna start doing Cosplay again, but still need to work out who...

Any questions? feel free to ask but I won't garantie to answer every question if I find it to personal


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only a few

And I will turn 29! >w< (On sunday) Until then I have a few days vacation and a lot of time.
11/08/2015 16:42


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Grat posted to Glas Fuchs

13/08/2015 11:17

Nice art! ^^ 

Glas Fuchs · 13/08/2015 13:18

 thanks >w<~♥

Grat · 13/08/2015 13:22

Of course!~ x3 

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