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Skye / female / INFJ / panromantic
I'm just a non-important part of the furry community that tends to write a lot of stuff. A lot of it will be whatever I think of writing, and while they may not be as long as most writers' works, I will still write because I love to paint stories with words!

If you wanna talk to me, don't be scared to send me a note or add me on Skype! I'm a little shy with new people though, just saying.

I also love playing video games, and a lot of my ideas come from games I may play. If you want to ever play a game with me, I have a Playstation Network, Xbox Live, and Steam. Just message me if you wanna play! I'm also on Second Life as glitchlechat.

I have decided to take up some writing and other commissions.
TOS, offered commission types, and queues
You can contact my by note, and again thank you for taking a look!

Stories' progress:
Dystopia Unveiled -- Chapter 1 through 3 done, chapter 4 queued

The Wasteland -- Chapter 1 through 5 done (to be uploaded)

The Runner -- Chapter 1 through 3 done, currently on chapter 4 (tba if uploading)

System Glitch -- Chapter 1 through 5 done, currently on chapter 6 (tba if uploading)

The Colony -- In progress


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