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This Valerie and Hilary Lyons, the owners and crew of Seacatch, my OC's of New Portaferry's diver service are called the Harbor , they are sisters who worked on bay and surrounding waters of New Portaferry. They do charter, fishing, booze, trips. They are expert divers who done the Mount Everest of Scuba diving Andrea Doria. They have done salvage work on some of the wrecks.

The Andrea Dora is at the upper limit of scuba equipment.

While they are hard working, but they enjoy party and having fun. Valerie (left) is a more serious about diving, yet she is not above having drinking games. Hilary is slightly skilled diver, she is better at keeping the books.

Valerie and Hilary are sisters that enjoy swimming.  Buying the Seacatch was best investment for them.  Now they work as hard they can, they do SCUBA Instructions and dive trips.  While Valerie is a more experience diver, she is less inclined to business side.  Hilary is much better to keep the books, though she is not


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SCUBA Divers, Boat charters, deep sea fishing, and SCUBA Instructors


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A kelpie who rejects their habit of eating surface dwelling people. She is a loner ...
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This owners and operators of the S.S. Seacatch of the business Harbor Seals They are SCUBA  divers and such. Valerie (L) and Hilary Lyons are both fun loving party girls and good divers.

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