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My Birthday Vacation

I will not work on my Birthday, this is non-negotiable demand for me. I will call into work dead, "yes, I'm on the way to the morgue. I won't be coming into work today." Then I will upgraded to living the next day. I could not take a full vacation, but I took someays with my 4 day work week to g...
8 months ago

Where I Have Been

That sniper at the All Star Game was a blessing in disguise--Moe the Bartender. Things have changed in my life for the better, though it was scary. 2016 sucked as a year, I was laid off from my job. I was moving out of my mothers apartment because it was not convenient for the subway and the bu...
11 months ago


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Valerie and Hilary Lyons Harbor Seals

Female · Seal · Heterosexual ·
Role-playing Yes
This owners and operators of the S.S. Seacatch of the business Harbor Seals They are SCUBA divers...
11/01/2016 00:06


Female · Questioning ·
Role-playing Yes
A kelpie who rejects their habit of eating surface dwelling people. She is a loner ...
04/01/2016 02:06


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Zingiber posted to Godzilla713

22/06/2016 23:14

Thank you so much for watching me^^ its much appreciated !  

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