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My Birthday Vacation

I will not work on my Birthday, this is non-negotiable demand for me. I will call into work dead, "yes, I'm on the way to the morgue. I won't be coming into work today." Then I will upgraded to living the next day. I could not take a full vacation, but I took someays with my 4 day work week to g...
05/11/2017 00:40

Where I Have Been

That sniper at the All Star Game was a blessing in disguise--Moe the Bartender. Things have changed in my life for the better, though it was scary. 2016 sucked as a year, I was laid off from my job. I was moving out of my mothers apartment because it was not convenient for the subway and the bu...
10/08/2017 11:56

What I've Been Up GTo

It has been a long while since I wrote a journal. I spent New Year's Eve watching "STAR WARS: The Force Awakens." I was going to spend to ring 2016 either in my sister's apartment or my own depending when I got out. I made it home in time to watch the ball drop. For Easter me and my sister went...
05/07/2016 18:00


I have not been as productive as I wanted to be. I am not sad or depressed, but maybe drawing is in the case of the Blahs. I should draw, I had lots of idea for Christmas. Just could not work the gumption or will to do it. I think it is delayed sadness over my mom's death. She died last year and...
26/12/2015 02:02

Happy Thanksgiving

When this Thanksgiving we decided to go out to a restaurant with my sister's friend Laura and her brother Rich. Laura and Rich recently lost their father and we are still recovering from my mom's death and my illness. We went to a restaurant called "The Farm." I avoided any form of poultry before...
27/11/2015 08:56


My birthday is October 28th, I usually take a vacation. This is my first vacation since coming home from the hospital. I don't work on my birthday. I'll call in dead before I work. This was not taking off for a doctor appointment, this was just relaxing and no real plans. I live in New York, beca...
30/10/2015 09:30


This is my third website I joined. The other two are DeviantArt and FurAffinity and I posted some old pictures just as the basis. Like my horse OC Zenyatta {/Godzilla713/view/30680?searchKey=54354f1edad62dc606f1eaeab869d5b3ab927570&searchIndex=39} Dressage and others.
19/09/2015 19:16