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Where I Have Been

Published: 10/08/2017 11:56

That sniper at the All Star Game was a blessing in disguise--Moe the Bartender.

Things have changed in my life for the better, though it was scary. 

2016 sucked as a year, I was laid off from my job.  I was moving out of my mothers apartment because it was not convenient for the subway and the bus.  I lived on 74th street  and like 2nd Ave.  The nearest bus was 69th Street and 2nd Ave and the nearest subway was 77th Street and 4th Ave.  It was never good for the bus and subway.  My sister has a huge apartment and we decided to live together for a little while.  Eventually I would move into a studio apartment in her building.

Then the move went off a hitch, for several months we live together.  I got another job that was located in Brooklyn.  It was just as convenient for traveling to and from.  My sister had a dream that her neighbor who was old and had a live in nurse with her.  My sister hoped that eventually she would move into assisted living and we sell my mom's apartment and buy that one.  The selling of my mothers apartment went off better than we hoped.  Somebody offered our asking price after one open house.  Well the same apartment wanted opened on the fourth floor she lives on the sixth floor.  We took it.  I took some things that my sister did not want like a Titanic shower curtain.  It is a series three portholes on an angle with one of them underwater.

Then for Easter my sister's friend gave deep bowls that I use for my cereal.  As I told her the best not chocolate present I received on Easter.  Then I started feeling sick and not hungry.  Then I was feeling tired and not hungry at all, on Thursday I was going to the foot doctor for wound care.  I was totally weak and looking horrible and ashen.  My sister thought I should go to me primary care doctor.  I felt so bad and I could not force on food down. I decided to go to the hospital emergency room.  I decided to take an ambulance, I did not feel strong to walk down from the fourth floor to the street without falling down.  I doubted my sister could get me off the floor if I fell.  

One thing I am glad living in a major city is that police, fire, and medical emergency have still everything, I am not most serious case.  I was taken to the hospital, I stilled hoped that I would get a shot and sent home.  As George Carlin once quiped, "I was treated and detained."  My foot wound had gotten infected and it spread to one of my foot bones.  I was so tired of this wound interfering with my life, I would have happen to amputate the whole damn foot.  My sister help me out a lot not just financially, she also saw the hideous open wound on my foot.  She changed the dressing on my wound vac which helps a wound heal.  I hope I never have to deal with my sister the same way she had to deal with me.

Eventually I was enough to be sent home again I moved into my sister's apartment, I was still weak and told to keep off the foor as much as possible.  My sister got a knee scooter for me.  So I could go around the apartment without any problem.  I took one of the bed side urinals and my sister had to empty in the morning.  My sister was ready when the nurse for antibiotics at home, J heard my sister tell them, "is that an IV pole?  We already have one.  I don't want that in my house." She accompany me to the various doctors.  I use the knee scooter during this illness and kt stresses it is not a toy.  The first time I was using it on the street.  While going home I took a turn more sharply and I fell off and crashed to the ground.

I was sleeping a lot and easily, eating was still off.  I have diabetes and high blood pressure my diet is bland and boring.  My sister would prepare my lunch and bring to me.  Anything to keep weight off.  I was tired and hard to focus so I was not drawing at all.  Eventually I started drawing. but my scanner was in my apartment and laptop was with me.  True I was was only two floors away, but it might as well be in California the way I felt.  So I started drawing just individual characters.

My sister had planned a vacation trip before I got sick, she hired a nurse to go with me to doctor's appointment.  The nurse from the old lady across the hall came in daily to check if there was anything. I needed from a high shelf or anything..  My sister made me up a whole bunch of meals for me.  Because of high blood pressure they were some of the blandest meals ever.  This work out for both of us, eventually my sister had a great time in Calgary, Canada and she visited a sled dog camp, where they don't give the treats for doing things right.  They got super affectionate with the animals and they return it.  The dogs were super friendly and unfortnately it was July, you could have gone on sled ride with the dogs.

The antibiotics did a number on my system eventually that I was nauseous and vomiting just after eating.  It again was not pleasant for my sister.  They took my off the antibiotics.  Then my foot doctor did the surgery to remove the infected bone and close the wound.  This went off without any problems, it was an outpatient surgery.  I went home he same dayand was back in bed.  I was given Oxycontin for the pain, fotunately I deaden nerves in my feet I never had much pain.  I only Tylenol for the spasms of pain I had.

I was on disability during this time and still had my job.  That was a major relief, at least I had a job and health insurance.  The wound has healed to the point where it seems to be a cut or bad sunburn.  My main goal is for it to heal up and get back to travel.  I always wanted to go back to Europe, I wanted to take some of those river tours.  My plans were for this year was to go on one of those river tours either in Germany, Belguim, or France.  It is sort of tour travel up the river stop at various towns and do somethings there.  There is a company called Viking Tours and they do a river tour in China that I would love to do.  My mom said that I would only see what the Chinese Government wants me to see.  I replied that is what I want to see this trip.  I want to see the pagodas, dragon dancers, Xialon monks, the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and such.  I don't want to see "real" China, anymore than people coming to the United States want to trailer parks where meth labs are.

I though that maybe I would take to Washington DC and go to the Smithsonian, Lincoln Memorial, Congress, and maybe the White House (even with the current resident).  That has been put on hold.  With foot healing my plan is for towalk the Brooklyn Bridge around my birthday in October.  It looks like another staycation.  Another advantage of living in New York.  I have always around my birthday I try to go somewhere cultural museums, places that I go to-NEXT YEAR.  One year I went to the Cloisters Museum https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cloisters and I like going alone the first time.  So I can fly through what does not interest me.  It is like Ooh a Madonna, there's another Madonna statue, a Madonna statue, another one.  I also do silly things, my sister complained about one of her friends' birthday plan of going to a bar and get a pizza, I on my 50th birthday went to the Intrepid Museum and try to join Star Fleet.  There was a Star Trek Exhibit that was also a test to join Star Fleet, including the infamous Kobayashi Maru test https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kobayashi_Maru and it was a blast.  I had sweater that mustard color of Capt. Kirk's shirt so I was dress like Kirk without being dressed as Kirk.

I gave up going to the movies just because there were films I sort of wanted to see.  I watched Kong Skull Island, The Lego Batman Movie, and even Wonder Woman.   I hoped that WW was going to be good, youtuber movie reviewer MovieBob (it so rare to find a movie reviewer that has my taste  in movies and I did)   and some of our cultural issues   It was several weeks later that I decided to go see it in the theatres.  It was a choice of Spiderman or Wonder Woman, I chose Wonder Woman.  Everything I heard about said it was good.  I judge movies on how much I pay for them.  Bruce Willis has a dubious distinction in my movie going experience he was in the worst movie that I saw for free Hudson Hawk and the worst movie I paid for Striking Distance.  In IStriking Distance a serial killer is targeting the old girlfriends of Bruce Willis, Willis throws down a newspaper with a story of a girl's body being dragged from the river.  My sister lean over and whispered, "Prom date."  Sweet Jesus it was his prom date  and we exploded into laughter.  We got shushed by three other film goers.  In Hudson Hawk the best came not from the movie, Danny Aiello escaped from death trap and was saying "I can't believe it."  Someone in my screening shouted, "Neither can we!"

I am posting the pictures I have completed and finished the details.

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