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This is my Gardner Prismabunny OC  Zinerva Feirmeoir who is giving somebody a special present. Not sure if she intended to give this gift.
This is my take on Blake's PrismaBunnies Adoptables 1 by Furaffinity's Fuwafuwaskonku397 and here is she description:

Green Bunny
Bio: A shy delicate creature with a love for flowers. She owns a garden, and can be heard singing when she tends to her plants.
Fur: Green
Hair: Darker green
Eyes: Grey
This is new adopted OC PrismaBunny That I named Zinerva Feirmeoir.  She works at a plant nursery.  She is most happy hen she tends her garden.  She also helps out at  Wilma Bilbrew's Tenant gardens. Though she is painfully shy and quiet, she sings at plants.  Professional singer Gemma Tremble has heard sing and is trying to have sing in front of people.  Zinerva is intrigued and curious to see if she can do it.

Name: Zinerva Feirmeoir
Species: rabbit Prismabunny
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 137lbs

Residence: New Portaferry
Affiliations: Gemma Tremble progeny, Wilma Bilbrew
Occupation: Gardner, Plant nursery employee, florist
Relatives: Angora Feirmeoir (sister)
Allies: Wilma Bilbrew, Hynacith Roberts,
Frenemies: Adelost Wensleydale

Personality: Shy but friendly, she does want to be seen as pushy with her ideas, she likes when she can give ideas without personal interaction, she is musically and sings,
Likes: plants, gardening floral arrangements, farming,
Dislikes:high heels

Crush: Chaudry Cashmere

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