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Nocturna is a character who appears in the episodes "Mall Girl Pearl" and "Whale Watching" and the online game Bikini Bottom Mysteries Search. She works as a cashier at Scorched Coral.

She is a light blue goth fish who wears a purple and black dress, a black bracelet with metal, and a fish bone necklace. She has light pink lips and short dark brown hair.

Nocturna in "Mall Girl Pearl" (Spongebob Squarepants). In this non-Spongebob episode, Pearl's friends are too busy working in the mall to hang out with her and talk about boys. One of them is Nocturna, who works as a cashier in Scorched Coral, but she finds it heinous and greets people to go away. She even lets a customer choke on a spiked bracelet. Pearl tries to get a job there, too, but a Goth look-alike already gets hired and hisses at her. When Pearl starts working at Grandma's Apron, she gets ridiculed by Nocturna and the others.

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