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 This is a request by Thedodoman for Mrs Puff of Spongebob Squarepants and Geraldine Waxelplax of Fairly Odd Parents in a classic chair tie.  While they are having a bad day, it is better than some days when they are at their respective jobs.

Principal Geraldine Waxelplax
is the principal of Dimmsdale Elementary School. She dated Denzel Crocker during high school, but broke up with him when she found out about his fairy obsession, and is now making fun of him behind his back.

She is the principal at Dimmsdale Elementary School and was once in love with Denzel Crocker, but broke up with him when she realized about his obsession with fairies. She is mildly obese, loves any kind of food, but mentions she is "frosting intolerant".

Geraldine is depicted as a heavy set, large bottom/breasts woman who seems to love jelly donuts, as revealed in "What's the Difference?", often trying to hit using a flail anyone who gets too close to the donut. She is usually in her school outfit of a blue businesswoman's suit which combines the jacket and about knee-length skirt with a light blue blouse like shirt underneath. Based on the Episode "The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker", her age is an estimated to be around late 30's to early 40's assuming she is a close in age to Mr. Crocker.

Mrs. Poppy Puff is a female character in the Nickelodeon animated TV series, SpongeBob Squarepants. Mrs. Puff is SpongeBob's driving instructor. According to the series, SpongeBob "drives" Mrs. Puff crazy because of SpongeBob's failures in driving. She does not enjoy talking about her husband, Mr. Puff, who unfortunately was turned into a lamp cover. Mr. Krabs has a crush on her and has gone on a couple of dates with her. She is voiced by Mary Jo Catlett. She is the eighth main character on the show.

rs. Puff is very paranoid, mean and erratic, and has had a history of mental instability. In "No Free Rides", it is implied that she has had to move to another town and start a new life with a new name in the past. While this is mostly caused by SpongeBob's antics, it is possible that some of it is caused by loneliness she suffers from after her husband was killed by humans and made into a lamp.

At the beginning of the series, Mrs. Puff is more friendly to SpongeBob and actually treats him like a close friend, save for a few moments when SpongeBob crashes during the course. However, as the series has progressed, Mrs. Puff seems to have developed an intense hatred for him, and can even get a fit of mental instability by just looking at him. This could be because of the fact that SpongeBob becomes more troublesome as the series progresses, and has caused Mrs. Puff great trouble lately. Her thoughts and fear about SpongeBob cause her to think that she was giving SpongeBob a driving test even though they are not at school. This occasion happened in "Krusty Love".

In the episode "Doing Time", Mrs. Puff, after she and SpongeBob drive off a cliff and thinks she is about to die, says, "Where did I go wrong?". The scene then cuts to a flashback of Mrs. Puff, presumably at the opening of her school, saying "...as long as a student is willing to learn, I shall never give up!" Right after she says this, SpongeBob appears and introduces himself to her.

In the episode "Mrs. Puff, You're Fired", Mrs. Puff is fired by her boss, Mr. Fitts, who holds her responsible for SpongeBob's repeated failures. However, she is rehired at the end of the episode.

By the time the episode "Demolition Doofus" premiered, Mrs. Puff has come to hate SpongeBob so much that she wants him dead. In the said episode, she loses her ability to puff during another failed driving lesson with SpongeBob. She later enters SpongeBob into the demolition derby, hoping that he will die, but his bad driving makes him a superstar. She then tried to run him over with a tractor, but this also failed when she crashed into the boating school, regaining her ability to puff in the process.

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