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 This Yami's shark OC Sharkaleen Fins  captured in a burqa. Sharkaleen is a life guard.

From Yami description: A little something for Shark Week coming up and just because it seems everyone but me has a sexy female shark character so it was high time I created one of my own.

Name: Sharkaleen Fins.

Age: 29

Sexual status: Straight

Weight: 120

Height: 6.4

Cup size: Two D's.

Occupation: Lifeguard.

Likes: Fish, swimming, outdoors, walks on the beach (of course)

Dislikes: Polluted water.

Story: Sharkaleen is a no nonsense life guard at a giant swimming pool aquariam made for Aquatic life form anthros. People may find it strange for a shark lifeguard and tend to be nervous of her because of her species. But Sharkaleen works hard to assure people that she is not the mindless eating machine people claim her species are. In fact she proven that when she saved a child's life and is promoted as head lifeguard. She keeps an eyeful on non-aquatic life forms whenever they visit the Aquatic's swimming pool center and keeping them safe from drowning. She is super fast in the water and on dry land what most people don't know is that due to the fact she is a fish like many Aquatic anthromorphic species she produces slippery slimy mucus to keep her body wet which explains why now and then the top or her bras tend to slip off by accident.

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