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This is Star Trek the Animated Series character that was created for the series, Lt. M'Ress who replaced Lt. Uharu in several of the episodes.  She talked in a stylized cat purr.  She was  something that an animated show could do.

Lieutenant M'Ress, voiced by Majel Barrett, was a recurring character on the American animated science fiction television series Star Trek, which aired as part of NBC's Saturday morning lineup from 1973 to 1974. The character M'Ress is of the Caitian race, and remains the only Caitian character to appear in any Star Trek storylines, although one is briefly seen in the courtroom scene at the conclusion of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

M'Ress was a female Starfleet officer assigned to the engineering section of the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Jmaes T. Kirk. She also occasionally assumes the role of relief communications officer. M'Ress was Caitian: a felinoid race with long, thick orange fur and yellow, slit-pupiled eyes. She spoke softly and had a cat-like purring quality to her voice. M'Ress was depicted to not wear shoes; she had four digits on each paw and a cat-like tail, which was often caught and pinched as the doors on the "Enterprise" automatically closed behind her.

The name of the Caitians' homeworld is Cait according to a biography of Lt. M'ress published by (the Gene Roddenberry/Majel Barrett run) Lincoln Enterprises in 1974. This and additional details from the biography were adapted into prose by science fiction author Alan Dean Foster in his novelization of the animated Star Trek episode "The Ambergris Element".

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