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This is Violet of Thea Stilton books, she is suffering the fate of teen sleuths.  This is for Western Civilization Board's Feburary Art Theme Chinese Damsels  which is for Damsels of Chinese decent. Lots to choose from. Shampoo, Chun Li, the Dynasty Warriors series, Knives Chao.

Violet is one of the main characters of the Geronimo Stilton cross-over book series, Thea Stilton.

Violet was a teenager from China but she moved to Whale Island, where she would go to a school there called Mouseford Academy. There, she met four other mouseling: Nicky, Pamela, Paulina, and Colette. They were flown there by a hydroplane piloted by a reckless Vince Guymouse, and in the process nearly hit the boat of Thea Stilton, who was also going to Mouseford Academy.

tiLater on, It is shown that she does not get along with Colette. Their fight is stopped by Pamela and Paulina.

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