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For the Western Civilization Board's August Art Theme Alien Babes we have Marvel Comic's Bereet of Incredible Hulk.  It appears that she is now part of the show.

Bereet first appeared in Rampaging Hulk  #1-2 (January, April 1977), and was created byDoug Moench and Walt Simsonson. She also appeared in  Rampaging Hulk #9 (June 1978).

This version was subsequently revealed to be an alternate universe version. The mainstream Earth-616 version of Bereet first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #269 (March 1982), and continued to appear in the series in The Incredible Hulk #270-282 (April 1982-April 1983), #285 (July 1983), and #287 (September 1983).

Bereet received an entry in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Hulk (2004).

Bereet was a femaleKrylorian techno-artist who used her alien technology to produce films concerning fictional adventures of herself and the Hulk. Most of the population is obsessed with the escapist movie-like fantasies of techno-art films, leading to her popularity among her people. Bereet later traveled to Earth and became involved with the Hulk while he had Bruce Banner's intelligence, befriending the Hulk and Rick Jones. She also encountered the criminal Jackdaw. Bereet used a number of devices such as the spatial distorter, Banshee Mask, Defendroids, her "pet" Sturky, and a variety of other advanced technological devices.

The planet Krylor and its population was destroyed by Ego the Living Planet during the onset of the Maximum Security crossover.

As a Krylorian, Bereet has a number of traits typical to their avian-mammalian semi-humanoid physique, including highly porous ("hollow") bones; a trilling, musical voice; two fingers and a thumb on each hand; two toes on each foot; red irises; and a deep pink skin color. She uses a number of techno-art creations including her Spatial Distorter (which she always carries over her shoulder like a pocketbook), Banshee Mask, Defendroids, Energy-Eaters, "Flitter," Insula-Sphere, Life Support Spider, "Spindrone," Star Eyes, and "Web-Spider." Bereet demonstrated a number of other techno-art creations in her movie, but it is unrevealed if she used any or all of these in the 616 reality.

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