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Here is a demigod alien  Kismet http://godzilla713.deviantart.com/art/Marvel-Comics-Her-Kismet-Paragon-or-Ayesha-474534577?ga_submit_new=10%253A1407666564 (aka Her, Ayesha or Paragon) for Western Civilization Board's August Art Theme http://westerncivilization.trifecta3.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4225 Alien Babes. Love these bathing suited aliens.

Kismet, also known as Paragon and Her, is a fictional superheroine  that has appeared in various comic book series published by Marvel Comics. She exists in Marvel's main shared universe, known as the Marvel Universe.

Originally known as Paragon, Kismet was the second attempt by the Enclave to artificially create a super-powerful being in their Citadel of Science "the Beehive" (their first attempt was Him, later known as Adam Warlock). The Enclave intended to create such a super-powerful being to control. "Born" before being fully formed, Paragon appeared as a muscular male figure. Paragon battled the Hulk, then overrode the Enclave's control and sunk their Beehive headquarters before incubating itself in a cocoon much like Warlock often would.

When she emerged from the cocoon in her more familiar blond-haired, golden-skinned form she was scantily clad only in a red swimsuit-like costume. As a female replicant of Warlock, she took the name of Her (a reference to Warlock's original name, Him) and sought Warlock to mate with him. However, Warlock had died some years earlier, traveling a short time into the future to steal his own soul with his Soul Gem in a twisted suicide. Confident she would be able to revive him, Her managed to restore and reanimate his body, but with his mind and soul missing, she was forced to sadly return him to his grave. She set out to explore the cosmos to find a possible mate. She helped the ecologically ravaged planet U'sr'pr recover, invoking the wrath of the Consortium. She was called by the natives J'ridia Starduster.  Later, she was aided by Alpha Flight and the Avengers against the Consortium.

Some time after beginning her quest to find Warlock, she discovered that Warlock had been resurrected body and soul. However, he rejects her, leaving her sobbing on the ground. After this, she held a competition among some of the most powerful men on Earth, attaching reproductive pods to their necks to see how they would react. She selected Quasar, hercules, Wonder Man, Hyperion, Doc Samson, and Forgotten One for this task. She battled Quasar and was attacked by Jack of Hearts, but was saved by Quasar from Moondragon. As Quasar was the only one who did not destroy his pod, she turns her attentions to him for a time, until his girlfriend Kayla Ballantine (in possession of the Star Brand) severely beat her and forced her to return to cocoon form to heal. However, she decided to become Quasar's companion for a time.

Around this time, she examined the other heroes of Earth, judging them on mating status. For example, she rejects the men of the X-Men, as their genetic structure makes them too unstable. She also helps Quasar out in Operation: Galactic Storm, battling Starbolt, and willingly guarding the Star Gates that, by their very operation, threaten Earth's existence. This does not go well, as she becomes involved in a fight with Binary, and also the Super Skrull. Soon after the war, she became engulfed by the Soul-Eater and was rescued by Quasar. During her adventures with Quasar she took the name Kismet, after the Arabic word for fate. She battled the Black Fleet destroying the planet Scadam. She later came to the rescue of her three creators in the beehive. By healing them in cocoons similar to her own, they became golden skinned superhumans as well. The four of them journeyed into space.

Later still, she changed her name again, to Ayesha. During this time, she was under the control of the supervillain Crucible on Genosha.

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