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This is a transformed Twilight Sparkle of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Equestria Girls in a drowning peril like Disney's Alladin.  Despite her wings it seems that Twilight will not be saving herself.  This is a request by :iconmattjohn1992:

Twilight Sparkle is a character from the My Little Pony franchise and one of the main characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic who is set to appear in Equestria Girls. She first appears in the trailer telling Applejack she is nervous and excited or in Pinkie Pie's case, "nervicited". Twilight Sparkle is the main protagonist in Equestria Girls. She must go to the human world to recover the Element of Magic, and turn into a human in the process. She then enters Canterlot High were Sunset Shimmer is. She quickly learns things in this new world are different than the other Equestria. She finds if she wants her crown she must become Princess of the Fall Formal Challenge, and defeat Sunset Shimmer. She finds friends that are exactly like her friends in Ponyville. She reunites the group and together they campaign for Twilight to become princess. With success, Twilight becomes the Princess, and wins back her crown; but yet it slips into Sunset Shimmers hands. When battling Sunset Shimmer, she shows her true form which has wing and able to control the magic of the crown. At the end, she defeats Sunset Shimmer and goes back to Equestria. She is the element of magic.

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